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Our Story

Beginning in 2015, Wheely Good began with the simple purpose to serve those around us by helping people with their bike needs. No, we are not your typical bike shop; the fact that our shop is in our home garage isn’t the most unique thing about us. Truthfully, our goal was never to be “unique” that just sort of happened. Our goal is to serve our community as a nonprofit bike shop that focuses on fixing and donating bikes to get people out riding. Oh, and we hope to put a smile on your face! We welcome you into our story.

Wheely Good Bike Shop is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

so your donation is tax deductible.

Through the PayPal link below, you are able to make a one-time donation or a monthly contribution.

Why Give?

To help someone like Abdi (pictured to the right). The story of WG is to love those around us by helping people with bike needs. We don’t charge for our work so donations allow us to continue to serve those in our community. I wish you could all hear the stories and see the faces of those that have come through our shop. You may think it’s only a bike but it’s so much more. People feel like someone cares and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Giving Back to Others, Wheely Good Bike Shop

Thank You!

Since we started, we’ve met some truly incredible people. There have been many who support what we are doing through purchasing a shirt or making a donation. We are so grateful for each of you. In all, we are humbled to come along others and help bring something positive to those around us through something as simple as a bike. Thank you for entering into our story of Giving Bikes New Life.

You are loved!

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