A Wheely Good Story.

Hey, thanks for reading our story. Seriously, it means a lot and we’re thankful for you all.

Wheely Good began in the spring of 2015 with a simple idea to love those around us by helping people with their bike needs. We aren’t your typical bike shop with fancy new carbon bikes on the wall, compression socks and spandex shorts. We are though a friendly, nonprofit bike shop in Plymouth, MN focused on serving our community by fixing and donating bikes to get people out riding.

The bike shop is run out of our home garage but don’t let that scare you. It’s not creepy, really it’s not. It’s actually very wonderful and personal and it just plain works. We love the chance it allows us to meet people and hear their stories.

Since we started, we’ve met some truly incredible people. There have also been many who support what we are doing through purchasing a shirt or water-bottle or making a donation. We are grateful for each of you. In all, we are humbled to be able to come along side others and help bring something positive to those in our community through something as simple as a bike. Thank you for entering into our story of Giving Bikes New Life.

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