“There are no strangers here;
friends you haven’t yet met.”

William Butler Yeats

Wheely Good Group Rides    

At Wheely Good, we work to post a variety of different rides. From those just catching an interest in biking to those seasoned cyclist training for their next big race, we want to ride with you. We wish to make each ride fun and safe with a focus on connecting with others and enjoying the beauty outside. When a ride is posted, we will detail the distance, estimated speeds and meeting time and place.  


Stay tuned for 2020 spring rides!


Gravel Rides: We are riding more and more gravel each year and loving it. We live by some amazing country gravel roads and tree-lined trails. These rides are peaceful and get us off the busy roads.

Road Rides: A favorite of all our road riders and triathletes. Each route is carefully planned to avoid the busy roads. We aim to keep the route on nicely paved roads with wide shoulders. We can each do our part to make the ride safe for all. Things like obeying traffic laws, riding in a group, bike lights and reflective clothing are all ways to be more visible to motorists.

Women’s Only Rides: Launching in 2020 and something we are pretty jazzed about. Our goal is to post a few of these during the season and see what happens. We want this to be a welcoming, all-abilities ride for ladies looking to gather together to ride and connect.

Family Rides: These wonderful rides are a great way to connect with others in our community. From young to old, all are welcome. We usually pick a packed limestone or paved trail.

Bike Trails Around Town

Luce Line State Trail

The Luce Line State Trail is a 63-mile long former railroad grade which is developed for biking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, and skiing. The Luce Line is truly like a jaunt down a quiet country road. The limestone surfaced trail runs from Plymouth 30 miles west to Winsted, with a parallel treadway for horseback riding.

Luce Line Trail PDF Map: Click here

Wheely Good Bike Shop - Luce Line Trail
Wheely Good Bike Shop - Dakota Trail

Dakota Rail Regional Trail

The Dakota Rail Regional Trail is a popular attraction for bikers, in-line skaters and hikers. The 13-mile paved trail offers spectacular views of Lake Minnetonka and passes through a variety of scenic areas, including wetlands, wooded areas and agricultural land.

Wayzata is a perfect place to start your trip. About every 2 miles on the trail, a new segment map shows your location, nearby restrooms and other services.

Dakota Trail Additional Info: Click here

Baker Park Regional Trail

The Lake Independence Regional Trail connects Crow-Hassan Park Reserve, Baker Park Reserve, and the Luce Line State Trail. The 10-foot-wide 16-mile paved trail supports walking, jogging, hiking, dog-walking, inline skating and bicycling. A turf trail for horseback riding and hiking runs parallel within Baker Park Reserve, south of County Road 115.

Baker Park Trail PDF Map: Click here

Wheely Good Bike Shop - Baker Park Trail
Wheely Good Bike Shop - Medicine Lake Trail

French Regional Park Trail

The parks paved 4.6 miles of biking/hiking trails provide a loop between the visitor center and beach. The park is also a great place to begin an adventure on the connecting Bassett Creek and Medicine Lake  Regional Trails.

If you wish to go further, the Medicine Lake Regional Trail meets up here and is a 15.65-mile paved trail provides connecting Elm Creek Park Reserve, Fish Lake and French Regional Parks.

French Regional Park Trail PDF Map: Click here