A WG Christmas

Last weekend we received an email from a gentleman looking for some help with his new bike. He lives in Ely but is staying with his mom until after Christmas as he recovers from surgery. On November 4th, he needed a life-saving emergency brain surgery to remove a blood clot after having acute headaches [...]

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Kids’ College

For one day in April Birchview Elementary is transformed into a college campus. K-5 students are given an afternoon to learn something entirely new and take classes that they register for. I can tell you that these classes and the people teaching them make it a lot more exciting than I remember my college classes [...]

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Heidi Eitreim

When someone finds out you do triathlons, usually the first question is why?  If I’m going to be honest, (and I am) my answer was for completely selfish reasons.  My hubby started doing them a year ago.  It took a lot of his extra time and head-space.  He loved it.  It’s almost all he wanted to talk about. [...]