My name is Luke, and I’m just a guy who likes life and likes other people. My favorite thing is when other people like life too. I became a youth pastor because teens desperately need someone to help them like life. I live in Minnesota because people here genuinely seem to like each other. I tell stories because people like stories, and stories help us understand life.

I’m happiest outdoors, I’m incurably social, I geek out over pretty shiny things with batteries, and I honestly believe we were put on this planet to enjoy it.

I will start from the Brooklyn Bridge on May 14, and hope to cross the Golden Gate Bridge by July 10. That averages out to around 57 miles a day, biking every single day. This is a solo, unsupported, transamerica ride. I’ll be picking up supplies as needed along the way, and striking up conversations anywhere I can.

Why are you riding your bike across the country?

I wanted a way to collect stories and explore the idea of hope. Riding a bike slows the journey down, and keeps me more connected to my surroundings than I would be in a vehicle. Going across the country means I’ll interact with many different types of people in different regions.

Why the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge?

I was looking for interesting points on each coast for my start and finish. The idea of two iconic bridges was appealing because a lot of this journey is about “building bridges” with people though connecting about stories or trying to reach a place of hope.

How far will you go?

My current route is around 3,250 miles. I won’t really know the total miles until the trip is over.

How many miles do you bike a day?

I will need to average 60 miles a day to reach my destination in time. That’s 5-7 hours of pedaling depending on terrain and weather.

Where will you sleep?

I’ll have my hammock and a tent for most nights. I will stay in hotels a few times to shower and clean up, or if the weather gets really bad. I also plan to rely on the kindness of strangers from time to time.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever ridden a bike?

In high school I really enjoyed biking around, but even then I probably only did 30-40 miles in a day. This trip is way beyond my previous biking experience.

Are you afraid you won’t make it?

I know there’s a chance I won’t have what it takes, or something could go wrong and ruin my ability to finish. The challenge is what makes it worthwhile. This trip is about hope, so I *hope* I make it.

How can I be a part of the trip?

Share the stories! The more people can be inspired by the stories I hear and experience, the better! Follow and share @theguyonabike on Twitter and Instagram

You can also give a gift as I’m pedaling along. If you like what you read, and want to make my day just a little bit better, there are a few different ways you can support me.

I’m on your route, can I meet you?

Absolutely! I can’t guarantee when I’ll be there or how long I can stay, but if you are anywhere along the way, I would love the chance to say hello.

Follow Luke’s journey at  On the site you can subscribe to receive updates.

We wish Luke safe travels and an endless supply of really good chafing cream.