Why I do Triathlons?  It’s pretty simple – Triathlon is FUN. That’s what I say when people ask me what I like about it and why I compete.  I also tell people that ANYBODY can do them – including the longer distance ones.  That includes those (like me) that have no history in swimming, biking or running.

I ran my first marathon in my twenties on a bet from a friend.  It was so bad that a guy running barefoot and backwards passed me around mile 20.  The worst part about that is that he gets to stare you down while making the pass.   I also rode the entire bike leg of my first triathlon in the same gear since I didn’t know which way the shifters worked and would have to drop out of the race if my chain fell off.

So trust me, ANYBODY can do it.  However, what I knew immediately is that I was hooked on the sport and couldn’t wait to learn and get better.   After about 5 years of doing everything from sprints to Ironmans, I am as curious as ever about how to improve, the cool gear, fun places to race and cool people to meet.  Lastly, as great as the race experience is, I enjoy the training process and working towards a goal as much or more that the race itself.  If you don’t enjoy the training, then you should pick a different sport or activity!

So, if you are on the fence in signing up…drag yourself to the pool, grab your old bike and take it to Wheely Good for a tune up, lace up the shoes, and try not to get passed by the barefoot guy running backwards.

Scott is a 3 time Ironman finisher and is registered for 2 more in 2015 season.  He has raced in dozens and dozens of triathlons and all kinds of running races and duathlons.  His story highlights his humble beginnings and his love of the process.