Nora is a 10 year old 4th grader and from Plymouth, Minnesota.  She always seems to be smiling and likes to play sports especially soccer.  With one older and one younger brother, her life is full of excitement.  Giraffes are her favorite animal and an interesting fact is that they can run 35 mph.  Nora is excited to share her story.

1. Tell us what got you into the racing?  By watching my brother and mom do triathlons. I thought that it kinda looked fun to try.

2. Did you compete in sports growing up (you are already 10)?  Yes, I like soccer, gymnastics, swimming, track and basketball. Soccer is my favorite because I get to be with my friends.

3. What is the hardest part about the training or competing?  The hardest part is swimming. I don’t know why it’s hard…it’s just hard.

4. What do you enjoy most?  The part I like the most is the bike because you can go fast.

5. What did you learn most about yourself?  I learned that I was nervous before the face but after I felt really good that I did it.

6. Do you follow a plan or read any blogs/books that helped you during training or race day?  No (okay, next question).

7. Tell us about your favorite race or one you are most proud of.  One race that I was most proud of is when I got 2nd place in my 2nd triathlon.

8. Do you set race goals?  Yes. I do set race goals. I see how I did the first time and I tried to be better.

9. What was something unexpected you learned during race day?  One thing that I didn’t expect is when they called my name to get my 2nd place in the tri. It was so unexpected that we were in the back and had to sprint all the way up to the front.

10. What would you say to others thinking about training for their first race?  I would say that no matter how nervous you are you WILL surprise yourself.

11. What is your favorite piece of equipment?  My favorite piece of equipment is the bike.

12. What is your least favorite piece of equipment?  My least favorite piece of equipment is the sticky swimming cap.

13. What race(s) are on your 2015 calendar right now?  My next race will be the 2015 Lifetime Kids Tri.

14. What’s your race bio for the intro? What races have you done?  I have done 3 Lifetime Kids Tri’s and placed in one.